Presentation Slides

Please use the links below to review presentation slides from each session.

Keynote Address

Click here to view a recording of the keynote address from Jenny Lester Moffitt, Undersecretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Session 1: Food Recovery and Donation of Food
  • Benjamin ChapmanAssociate Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Agricultural & Human Sciences, North Carolina State University

  • Rick NahmiasFounder & Executive Director, Food Forward

  • Julia Van Soelen KimNorth Bay Food Systems Advisor, University of California Cooperative Extension

  • Lester SchonbergerPh.D. Candidate, Department of Food Science and Technology, Virginia Tech

Session 2: Food "Upcycling"
  • Tara McHughCenter Director, Western Regional Research Center, USDA Agricultural Research Service

  • Carole WidmayerSenior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, The Coffee Cherry Co.

  • Nina Parkinson and Linda Harris, Director, UC Laboratory for Research in Food Preservation (UCLRFP) and Department Chair & Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Department of Food Science & Technology, UC Davis 

Session 3: Composting and Anaerobic Digestion for Nutrient Recycling
  • Jenny StephensonEnvironmental Protection Specialist, US Environmental Protection Agency

  • Steve ZicariDirector of Engineering and R&D, California Safe Soil, LLC

  • Christian NansenAssociate Professor, Department of Entomology & Nematology, UC Davis

  • Robert HorowitzSupervisor, Organic Materials and Construction & Demolition Unit, CalRecycle